Traveling by plane for the first time

traveling plane

Those of us who travel a lot think that everyone knows what it is like to get on a plane, go to an airport or make an international trip. But not everyone knows it. So I have decided to write this to help those who are going to travel by plane for the first time. … Read more

Set Voice: How to Set Voice

How to Set Voice

The voice is a unique instrument, but the stage can reach three octaves. The sound of other devices is compared to that of an agent, but the main advantage of the voice is the ability to convey not the only tone of voice but also oral information, that is, words. Set voice training is a … Read more

Cold Fire: How to Make a Cold Fire

Make a Cold Fire

I think you’ve seen characters release fireballs from their hands on the Internet or in movies. In most cases, it is computer graphics, but cold fire technology is also widely used in television. It is easy to create such a “miracle” at home. Necessary to make Cold Fire Ethyl alcohol, dry boric acid, drops of … Read more