Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts

Chinese Martial Arts; how can you learn? Please find out the most famous Chinese martial arts and whether it is worth starting to train strictly according to oriental martial art. Various self-defense systems have emerged mainly in East Asia. They developed as a means of unarmed combat. Today, they are often practiced as sports exercises, … Read more

Tuna for bodybuilders: recipes and tips

Tuna for bodybuilders

Tuna for bodybuilders, the benefits of this fish, plus some dishes. Do you want relief, strength, and a perfect body? Then this topic is for you. Fish is a beneficial product for every person, and especially for bodybuilders. Today we will talk about tuna and recipes that are useful for doing sports. Characteristics of tuna … Read more

Hand plating

Hand plating

Hand plating; what does the skin of our hands tell us? Nothing betrays a woman’s age like her hands. She washes and washes dishes and takes care of the garden for her beloved family. Therefore, such a method as hand coating is essential for her. We will talk about this in this article. What does … Read more

CrossFit: What vitamins should be taken in CrossFit?

What vitamins should be taken in CrossFit?

CrossFit; What vitamins should be taken? Find out which vitamins and minerals are used by multi-sport athletes to maximize recovery and development of explosive strength. Vitamins are highly active organic substances that enter the body with food and cannot be produced by themselves. All vitamins are usually divided into two categories: fat-soluble and water-soluble. In … Read more

Exercise belt: benefit or harm

Exercise belt

Exercise belt; what is the benefit? The conversation will focus on the training belt, which has become essential for almost all bodybuilding. The article will answer about the advantages or disadvantages of this accessory. Every athlete wants to achieve high results as soon as possible. A properly designed training program is engaged precisely in the … Read more

Immunity: TOP 7 Immunity Boosting Foods

Immunity Boosting Foods

¬†Immunity Boosting Foods. Why is privacy reduced? Correcting the diet to increase the protective functions of the body. Food for immunity is a source of vitamins, minerals, and other beneficial substances that will help strengthen the body’s defenses and fight disease-causing diseases. Correcting the diet as a preventive measure gives excellent results already after a … Read more