Lymphatic massage at home

Lymphatic massage at home

Lymphatic massage; how to do it at home? Our digestive system is under heavy pressure to remove decaying products from the body. The article will help you master the technique of lymphatic drainage massage on your own, which prevents the lymphatic flow from breaking, gives beauty to the body, and increases and strengthens health. Suction … Read more

Panic attacks: How to get rid of anxiety attacks

Panic attacks

Panic attacks; how to get rid? Characteristics of panic attacks and causes. A clinical picture of an impending attack and the main ways to overcome it. Top strategies for preventing panic attacks. Panic disorder is characterized by periodic attack episodes with automatic and psychotic symptoms. Until recently, the term “panic attack” was not used, including … Read more

Proteins: Damage to proteins in body structure

Damage to proteins in body structure

Proteins; is it good or bad? Find out why high doses of protein damage the liver and kidneys—suggestions from the advantages of iron sports. People start thinking about their health, bringing them into the hall. They realize the importance of using protein supplements at a certain point since the need for this type of sports … Read more

Mesobotox for wrinkles: indications, contraindications, injection technique

Mesobotox for wrinkles

Mesobotox; what is the benefit? Indications and contraindications for the procedure. The introduction of botulinum solution under the eyes, around the lips, on the neck, and decollete. Recovery time, results. Real mesobotox reviews. Mesobotox is a technique for superficially injecting Botox in small doses, which aims to rejuvenate the skin without losing its natural appearance. … Read more

Aspirin face mask: How to make for acne?

Aspirin face mask

Aspirin face mask; how to make it at home? Advantages and contraindications for the use of shows with Aspirin. Recipes for making combinations with fruit, vitamins, and honey. Aspirin is a well-known remedy for headaches, but these pills are not only taken to reduce fever and relieve pain. Acetylsalicylic acid has exfoliating properties, so an … Read more

6 Fashionable Ways to Revamp and Reuse Your Old Clothes

Fashionable Ways to Revamp and Reuse Your Old Clothes

Fashion is fun, but it can also be problematic. By now, you’re probably aware that fashionable is very bad for the environment. For one, the industry produces millions of tons of plastic-based fibers per year, making it one of the biggest contributors to global plastic pollution. This means it’s responsible for many of the effects … Read more