Tips on Establishing a Career in the Business Sector as a Person With a Disability

People with disabilities have more income-creating options than ever. The availability of remote work and education, coupled with a national push toward inclusivity, has made gainful employment more than just a pipe dream, even for those of us with health considerations that make it difficult to drive or navigate outside our homes. In this article, we describe and give some tips on establishing a career in the business sector as a person with a disability.

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Why Business Makes Sense

“Business” is a general term typically used to describe office, support, technical, administrative, and managerial positions. There is no single job that makes sense for every person with a disability. However, when you consider the commonalities between these, it’s easy to see why persons with disabilities might choose to enter the world of business.

Most knowledge-based jobs tend to take place in an office, which is now easily moved to a secure, remote online environment. They often do not require a great deal of physical performance, such as a manufacturing job. Reference for Business notes that many people within this space have excellent communication skills, are highly motivated, and can find, access, and apply information to their jobs with little to no supervision. Plus, many business functions require skills and expertise that command a better-than-average salary.

Taking it a step further, if you are an enterprising person at heart, you can use your business acumen to run your own business. Of course, you’ll need a certain amount of knowledge of operations – such as HR, PR, accounting, and leadership. Your skills will grow with time, just be sure to first choose the appropriate operating structure as you work out your business plan. It’s possible to form a limited liability company (LLC), which is a popular choice over other types such as a partnership or corporation due to benefits like limited liability of assets, tax advantages, and flexibility. Reach out to a formation service company to complete registration in your state, as this will save you time and money.

Degrees To Grab Attention

If you’ve yet to make a decision on what you’d like to do, you have an astounding number of options. Even if you only want to go to school for two years while you explore your options, Southern New Hampshire University explains that an associate’s degree can open doors. Business administration, human resources, and marketing are all valuable degrees that can help you land a remote job or a position at an employer actively recruiting a diverse staff.

If you’re interested in a career in technology, you can expect an open book of opportunities over the next 10 years. Data scientists, cybersecurity professionals, IT quality assurance pros, project managers, and database administrators are in high demand, and when you have your degree in any of these disciplines, you can expect to enjoy a fruitful and well-paying career.

How To Get Your First Job as a Person With a Disability

Whether you are fresh out of college or are simply looking for your first entry-level position to make ends meet as you apply for degree programs, you should know that the job market is wide open. This is great news; however, there’s lots of competition, and you have to make yourself stand out.

One of your first and perhaps most important tasks at this stage of your job hunt is to establish a presence on LinkedIn. This professional networking site is a great way to connect with potential employers. Keep in mind that this is not your personal social media, and you’ll need an actual headshot, not just a selfie. Once you have completely filled out your profile, make a point to check your LinkedIn frequently, respond to queries, and, most importantly, keep your posts professional and positive.

Business Sector as a Person With a Disability
Business Sector as a Person With a Disability

People with physical and learning differences have more career opportunities than ever. When you establish a professional LinkedIn presence, work toward your degree, and understand your true value as a knowledge-based worker, you’ll open more doors than you ever thought possible. The above is not a comprehensive guide to landing your first job, but we hope it will encourage you to pursue your dreams.

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