Breaking Stereotypes: Lingerie for All Shapes and Sizes

Underwear has always had a profound significance that transcends its function. For years, it has always been regarded as a weapon and signified connections between shame, desire, beauty, and appropriateness in Western culture. Underwear has also been used to comment on social taboos, such as body politics and gender stereotypes.

As society progresses, where many see inclusivity in gender and interpret it as fluid, multiple, and unfixed, underwear is being reinterpreted as a symbol for people of non-traditional and non-binary genders and sexualities. It also becomes a tool to challenge stereotypes about femininity and masculinity and helps us reevaluate our behaviour toward different body types. Fortunately, modern lingerie brands already advocate for self-acceptance and sexuality that are liberated, as well as finding confidence in one’s body as opposed to traditional lingerie lines.

Additionally, Stereotypes of modern underwear demand the right to be seen. Underwear is no longer just something hidden beneath layers of clothing; it should be taken pride in and flaunted thanks to its newly discovered focus on appreciating the body regardless of its shape and size rather than confining it. 

While inclusivity has been the primary goal of these brands, finding underwear that feels just perfect in terms of fit and style is becoming challenging as online shopping becomes more popular. However, this dissatisfaction is not a new one for non-straight-sized bodies. Even when shopping in person was an option, finding clothing in a large size might be uncomfortable and time-consuming. Customers with disabilities were lucky if the store offered accessibility.

The lingerie industry is now taking notice as the global market for adaptive clothing is expected to reach $392 billion by 2026, and the average American woman is now a plus size. Major stores are realizing shoppers want to feel empowered by seeing models who look like them and purchasing stereotypes lingerie that truly fits. It includes Aerie’s “Revolution is Inclusion” initiative featuring Paralympians to Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty’s unashamed embrace of larger sizes. 

While this is happening, increasingly smaller manufacturers offer body-inclusive lingerie and period underwear, increasing the options for women of various shapes, sizes, and identities.  

5 Stereotypes Lingerie Brands for All Shapes and Sizes


Known for cooperating with body-positive crusaders like fashion blogger Gabi Fresh, this UK-based business leads the trend in sexy, inclusive intimates. They have bras ranging from 28DD to 44H and underwear sizes up to U.S. 26. Every plus-size woman may find something sexy at Playful Promises, whether she wants a satin corset, lacy garters, or eccentric knickers.


Since beginning their #AerieREAL campaign in 2014, when they firmly pledged to replace models with real women and do away with the airbrush, Aerie has been a leading advocate for body inclusiveness in the fashion industry. The brand is now represented by women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities, including inspiring role models like Beanie Feldstein and Ali Stroker. They’re living their values, too, as they create collections with UV-protected fabrics, ideal designs for post-surgical support, and Slick Chicks adaptive underwear. 

Slick Chicks

Helya Mohammadian was motivated to start a company that may help women regain their dignity after losing their independence in their daily routines after seeing her sister struggle to put on her underwear following an emergency C-section. She invented side-fastening underwear to make it simple to put on and take off underwear while sitting, standing, or lying down. All the styles are moisture-wicking and antimicrobial and have a 100% cotton lining, making them breathable and oh-so-soft. They come in various cuts in black, beige, and white.


ThirdLove offers a hassle- and embarrassment-free lingerie buying experience with over 80 bra sizes made using actual women’s measurements rather than size templates and educational tools like a breast form dictionary and comprehensive fitting instructions. Since every breast is unique, their bras come in half-cup sizes and are built of memory foam to fit every chest’s specific contours. They provide breathable underwear in sizes X.S. to 3X with various designs and hues, including 100% cotton thongs that fit like a second skin and lace floral high-rise briefs.

Fleur du Mal

Fleur du Mal is a clear pick for plus-size underwear that makes a statement this Valentine’s Day thanks to its fun accents—including silk blindfolds and bows—and luxurious materials like velvet and beautiful French Leavers lace. Those looking for usefulness will be drawn to the Essentials line. However, their four-piece line, created with the plus-sized model Precious Lee, contains embroidered satin and adjustable silk straps ranging from 36DD to 44G and U.S. 14 to U.S. 24. This collection makes a statement and is available for purchase. 

Breaking Stereotypes Lingerie for All Shapes and Sizes
Breaking Stereotypes Lingerie for All Shapes and Sizes

Bottom Line

Undeniably, the fashion industry has advanced significantly in the past ten years in accepting plus-size bodies. Nevertheless, despite the advancements in fashion, full equality has yet to be attained. While it’s admirable that many brands now have always catered to various body types and skin tones, they must provide the same options for all their customers. Everyone should have access to the exact clothing style, regardless of their size, if the playing field across the size spectrum is to be balanced.


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