Brunettes: How to choose lipstick for brunettes?

Brunettes; how to choose lipstick for brunettes? Which lipstick suits blondes with different shades, the most popular decorative lip product colors for women with dark hair, and the basic rules for applying makeup using lipsticks of various color palettes. Lipstick for brunettes is a makeup tool that helps highlight the expressive features of a woman’s hair and face. When choosing a lipstick, dark-haired girls should consider eye color, skin tone, and shape.

What lipstick suits brunettes for eye color

Lipstick is the final touch to any makeup. The wrong color or color can spoil the whole effect of the picture. Therefore, brunettes need to learn to choose a palette that suits their dark hair while considering their color type.

Lipstick for brunettes with brown eyes

There are no exact rules for choosing a lipstick color for brunettes. Dark-haired women fall into three main categories: pure black hair (charcoal, black wings), chestnut-colored curls, and light brown locks.

Women with deep black color usually have a bright and unforgettable appearance. The same rich lipstick color will help emphasize it so that the face does not “disappear” against the background of expressive curls. Your choice is a rich pink lipstick palette if you have black hair and brown eyes. Ruby colors also work well. And for evening makeup, it is better to choose dark red or dark red.

However, this rule does not apply to women with “warm” skin. For this type of color, lipstick with chocolate and terracotta notes is suitable. Women with dark eyes and brown hair should choose lipsticks with coral, cherry, and ruby ​​hues. They are ideal for dark pink and also crimson. For tanned skin, you can select lipstick with “gold.” If you have light brown hair and brown eyes, then for daytime makeup, choose lipstick with soft pink tones, as well as coral colors. For evening makeup, a muted red color on the lips and a discreet dark pink color are suitable.

Lipstick for brunettes with green eyes

Brunettes with green eyes, as a rule, belong to the autumn color type. They have warm olive skin and hair with a soft brown tint. Coral, peach, caramel, and golden lipstick shades suit such women. For evening makeup, you can use dark red or terracotta lipstick. Use a cool color scheme to highlight your lips if your skin is excellent and your hair is unclear—for example, dark pink, raspberry, or ruby.

It is better to highlight the lips with lipstick with a matte texture and even more so without mother-of-pearl. The latter has long needed to be updated, besides the age of any woman.

Lipstick is suitable for brunettes with blue eyes.

Brunettes with blue eyes have a bright and unique appearance. As a rule, they have a light and calm skin tone. Saturated lipstick colors are perfect for them – bright red, fuchsia, raspberry, coral, and dark pink.

Evening makeup can be completed with lipstick of dark red color and matte texture, universal for women of this color type. Calmer and softer reds can be used during the day. It’s not just lipstick but also a gloss of the right color. If you have brown hair, choose lipstick in a golden brown palette. For the evening, you can use purple and pink shades.

How to choose lipstick for brunettes with gray eyes

Brunettes with gray eyes and light skin can choose the “classic of the genre” – red lipstick. For more discreet makeup, purple is suitable. It should be noted that the medium-saturated lipstick palette is more versatile and suits most gray-eyed brunettes, regardless of their skin tone. But dark and saturated colors are more suitable for dark-skinned brunettes with black hair. Women of this color type should avoid excessive “cold” lipstick colors, which give cyanosis to the skin. It is light pink with blue, mother of pearl. But for the red palette, here, the options are almost unlimited. Scarlet to plum colors works well.

What lipstick color suits brunettes

Brunettes, as a rule, have a naturally bright appearance. Therefore, emphasizing the rich color of lips can enhance their image, making them more expressive.

Red lipstick for brunettes

Brunettes can use the red palette’s brightest and most saturated colors in their makeup. It is essential to consider the rules of low and high contrast: the more your hair color contrasts with the skin tone, the more attractive and “deep” the shade of the red lipstick. Finding the right lipstick color can be time-consuming. The “Own” color is in harmony with the color of the eyes, skin, and hair and does not look like a foreign facial spot. Incorrectly selected red lipstick tones can make the skin pale and visually unhealthy.

 It would help if you chose a red palette lipstick, taking into account your color type:

  • If you have light skin with excellent color, then red with plum color is perfect.
  • The best choice for dark skin and dark eyes is a variety of rich reds with warm colors.
  • Choose a grape, cherry, or blood-red lipstick if your skin is olive.
  • For brunettes with light brown color and warm hair color, coral red color is perfect, as well as classic red color.
  • For women with pale pink and gray skin, it is better to choose lipstick in raspberry and red-pink colors. You can not select carrot, terracotta, and other warm lipstick colors.
  • If you are blonde with freckled skin, pick up red lipstick with golden hues.
  • For blue-eyed brunettes, plum red is perfect.
  • Brown and green eyes in brunettes emphasize the coral color of the red well.
  • Ruby lipstick suits gray and dark brown, almost black eyes, and charcoal hair.

Keep in mind that red lipstick visually narrows the lips. Therefore, consider their shape and equipment when choosing the product’s texture. Matte lipstick looks great as an addition to daytime and business makeup. But make the lips smaller. But gloss can give additional volume and “swell.”

There’s also a great range of shades, highlighters, and lip balms for young brunettes who naturally have bright lips and want to accentuate them. Makeup with red lipstick for brunettes is a genre classic for women of almost any color. In this case, the eyes should be slightly highlighted or remain neutral.

Consider examples of versatile red lipstick makeup for women with dark hair:

  • Before using decorative cosmetics, clean the skin and wipe it with a tonic. If necessary, apply a moisturizer, which must be completely absorbed.
  • For red lipstick to lie as evenly as possible, you should prepare your lips – perform a gentle exfoliation procedure with a brush and a regular cleanser. After that, we lubricate the lips with balm or baby cream.
  • Apply a leveling foundation to the skin of the face. If necessary, we conduct a contouring procedure using dark and light toning agents, making the required accents in the right places.
  • We complete the correction of the facial skin by using powder, which will help remove excess shine. If you want to give your skin a radiant effect, use a highlighter. It should be used on prominent parts of the face: the top of the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the chin, and under the eyebrows.
  • We use pale pink or light beige.
  • Correct the shape of the eyebrows – color them with great shadows or pencils. We fix the body with eyebrow gel.
  • Apply a light shadow under the eyebrows or draw the part with a soft pencil, carefully digging out the border.
  • Draw an arrow along the upper lash line. We use eyeliner or liquid pencil for this.
  • Apply mascara in two layers. We brush it with a brush to avoid the appearance of lumps.
  • Place a light foundation on the lips and powder gently. Color the contour of the lips with a soft pencil that matches the color of the lipstick. We draw the entire surface of the lips with the same tool. It will help prevent makeup from spreading.
  • Apply red lipstick using a brush. We move from the center of the upper lip to the edge. We paint the lower lip in the same way.
  • After applying the first layer of lipstick, cover the lips with a napkin and use the second layer in the same way.
  • If you want to give your lips a matte finish, apply it after applying lipstick.

Pink lipstick for brunettes

Pink lipstick is the only option for fair-skinned brunettes. It is in harmony with green eyes and blue and gray colors. Choosing pink lipstick with glitter is recommended because the matte texture looks on the lips of brunettes, as a rule, needs to be more expressive and dull. The coral color suits light and dark skin and hair of various dark shades. It is believed to be a versatile color for daytime makeup. But brunettes should not abuse too bright pink lipstick. The nude pink color also looks terrible on their face. This lipstick makes the lips look dull and expressionless. Purple-raspberry and hot pink lipstick colors are combined with evening makeup. If you have black hair, raspberry and ruby ​​lipstick will help highlight the lively look. Almost all brunets are suitable for juicy pink with a reddish tint. Brunettes should choose pink lipstick, taking into account their color type. The blush used, as well as the shadow, should match the tone of her voice. If this is an excellent pink color, choose shades of gray, blue, and mint.

Consider an example of makeup using pink lipstick:

  • We clean the skin with milk, tonic, or micellar water. Apply moisturizer if necessary.
  • Apply makeup base, foundation, and face treatment with translucent powder.
  • On the cheeks and cheekbones, apply the appropriate tone under the lipstick. We shadow them carefully.
  • Draw the eyebrow line. It should be clearly outlined with a pencil, eye shadow, or eyebrow pomade.
  • On the upper eyelid, apply a light shade of shadow. Shade the outer corner with a darker shadow color.
  • We draw a thin black line along the growth of the eyelashes. The tip of the arrow can extend beyond the eye.
  • Apply foundation on the lips. Place a dab of bronzer under the lower lip and blend the product thoroughly. It will create a shadow under the lower lip and make it look fuller.
  • Place a small amount of light concealer in the center above the upper lip. This technique also adds visual volume to the lips.
  • Outline with a pencil half a tone darker than the color of the lipstick. You can protrude 1 to 2 millimeters above the natural lip.
  • Apply lipstick with a brush to the entire surface of the lips, starting from the middle of the upper part. If necessary, use a paper towel to blot the top layer of the cosmetic product and apply a second one.
  • If desired, a drop of gloss can be used on the lips.

Brown lipstick color for brunettes

Brown lipsticks look good on tanned skin and under brown eyes. The brunette who chooses such a decorative lip balm must have a warm color type. The brown palette perfectly emphasizes the natural color and gives more expression to brown eyes. Chocolate and coffee nudes look good under bright eye makeup. Beige and coffee lipstick, light terracotta, is suitable for everyday makeup. The warm brown color scheme also looks good on the lips of brunettes with olive skin tones and green eyes. It would help if you chose orange velvet, brick, caramel, peach, and terracotta colors. This palette can be safely used for day and night makeup. For publication, you can choose cosmetics for lips with a more intense tone: Caramel lipstick, brick red color.

Do not use brown lipstick for blondes with black hair, pale skin, and light eyes. It will look “heavy” and give the face a bright color. Brown lipstick is available in very different shades that require unique eye makeup. As a rule, it looks pretty bright on the lips, so the eye makeup includes a slight emphasis, no more.

Consider versatile makeup using brown lipstick:

  • We cleanse the face ideally using tonic and micellar water.
  • We use a foundation under the runway and a light liquid. Do not overload the skin with solid tones; leave it looking natural.
  • Apply loose powder to hide excess shine.
  • We choose the blush to match the tone of the lipstick. It can be terracotta and peach colors.
  • We emphasize the eyebrow line with a pencil or shadow. It is natural that it also has a brownish color.
  • We chose the colors of the brown palette: golden in the inner corner of the eye and darker (terracotta, brick, dark olive, brown) in the outer corner. We shadow them carefully.
  • Draw an arrow along the growth of the eyelashes. Do not overdo it with the “tails” of the hands; they should only slightly exceed the outer corner of the eye.
  • We outline the lips along the contour with a pencil half a tone darker than the selected lipstick. It was a shadowing line.
  • Apply lipstick with a brush, starting from the upper lip from the center to the corners and edges. We carry out the same operation with the lower lip.
  • In the middle of the lower lip, you can apply and blend a drop of lipstick with a lighter color. It gives a great expression to the lips and a seductive softness.

Dark lipstick for brunettes

Brunettes are lucky – they cannot limit themselves to choosing dark lipstick. Some colors do not suit them, so there is something to stop their choice. Dark hair and lips practically do not argue with each other. Making a “dramatic” accent on the lips is possible and necessary, especially in evening makeup. Of course, in this case, you should make your eyes less expressive. In this case, the general makeup rules are not canceled. Brunettes should choose dark lipstick with a matte or creamy texture without a bright shine. Such lipstick will be a colorful accent in the picture, so you should also not draw attention to the lips with excessive gloss or shine. Brunettes can safely experiment with all shades of fashionable dark lipstick – wine, eggplant, plum, cinnamon, and dark red. Dark lipstick includes trendy colors for brunettes, such as plum and eggplant. This lip color only needs a haze of light on the eyes. You can’t focus on the lips and watches in this case. Otherwise, the makeup will look indecent.

We use decorative cosmetics according to the example of the following instructions:

  • We clean the facial skin using particular products.
  • Apply foundation and makeup base. We process the surface of the face with translucent powder.
  • The blush should be the same color palette as the lipstick you use. We put it on the protruding part of the cheekbones, correcting the shape of the face if necessary.
  • We emphasize the eyebrows and outline them with a pencil, fondant, or shadow.
  • Apply a translucent shadow with a shimmery or metallic texture to the entire surface of the upper eyelid. It should “wrap” the eye like a light mist. If necessary, slightly draw the outer corner of the lower eyelid with the same shadow.
  • We outline the contour of the lips with a pencil to match the lipstick.
  • Apply lipstick to the upper lip, then to the lower lip with a brush. If necessary, cover the first layer with a paper towel and apply a second layer of decorative cosmetics.
  • If your lips do not look plump enough after applying lipstick, add a drop of gloss or lipstick with a lighter tone in the center of the lower lip but with the same color scheme as the main one you use.

Trendy lipstick colors for brunettes in 2023

In the winter, spring, and summer of 2023, brunettes can safely choose natural colors – rose tea, coral, peach, and apricot. For hot summer days, use a more decadent lipstick with a natural lip color – you can’t go wrong. But you can safely add “gold” to the lips for evening makeup in spring and summer. Grape berry, marsala, and chocolate colors remain at the peak of popularity. But plum will be more suitable on the lips of brunettes in the autumn and winter.

If the bright fuchsia color suits the brown color of the brunette, feel free to use it. Of course, it is now very much needed for certain clothes and occasions.

Choose Lipstick for Brunettes
Choose Lipstick for Brunettes


Choosing lipstick for brunettes is relatively easy if you correctly determine the type of color – a combination of hair, eyes, and skin tone. A few lipstick colors need to be more suitable for brunettes. Therefore, feel free to experiment and make your lips more expressive and bright.


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