How To Shoot A Video With Your Smartphone: Mistakes To Avoid And Useful Tips

Improvising a video with your smartphone leads to more mistakes to be corrected in post-production. Any video shot with the smartphone can be improved in post-production, eliminating unnecessary frames and any errors. Especially if you can add photos, subtitles and a soundtrack, the movie will acquire a semi-professional look. But how to get a good starting shot, with little means, using your smartphone?

Tips for shooting a video with your smartphone

Improvising a video with your smartphone leads to more mistakes to be corrected in post-production. even if the video lasts a few seconds. Better to write down what you want to shoot, already foreseeing changes of shot, times, lines. How to get started? By enclosing each concept or message in a single scene , to be developed in a few points. Even a holiday video can be thought and imagined a few minutes before tapping on Rec. After a successful shoot enjoy usa casinos in your smartphone.

If you don’t have professional equipment, it’s best to record using natural light. Outdoors it is preferable to choose the first two hours after sunrise or one hour before sunset. Indoors, a location near a large window exposed to the sun.

It is important that the shots are stable. A flickering image is unpleasant to the viewer. For those who want to shoot a lot of movies, perhaps to promote their business, it is advisable to invest in a smartphone tripod. A zoom in while your subject is saying something important can ruin everything. It often negatively impacts the resolution of the image. Better to provide more shots, using different angles. However, avoid close-ups and close-ups. Take a short break of your work and enjoy online pokies casinos in australia.

And the filters? Better think about it later, in post-production. In this way you will have a clean shot and if you don’t like the filter applied, you can always go back. Nobody watches a video where the audio is bad, especially when subtitles are missing: it is the case to buy a microphone. Alternatively, ask a friend to record audio only. In this case you can edit with the video at a later time and choose a location as quiet as possible. Finally, remember that the most viewed and shared videos do not exceed three minutes in length.

By the way, does the video have to be shot horizontally or vertically? This is not a selfie: place the smartphone horizontally when turning, to better capture the scene. You will get a more engaging and immersive movie. But if the video is to be shared on social networks such as TikTok and Instagram, the format must be vertical.

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