Traveling by plane for the first time

Those of us who travel a lot think that everyone knows what it is like to get on a plane, go to an airport or make an international trip. But not everyone knows it.

So I have decided to write this to help those who are going to travel by plane for the first time. But I will go a little further and I will also explain what you have to do if you are going to make an international trip for the first time or if you are going to check in a suitcase.

Traveling by plane for the first time can be a fun experience or it can be stressful. It all depends on the information you have to go as best prepared or prepared as possible.

Buy the ticket for the flight

The first thing you have to do is buy a ticket for the flight and you will have to do it online. You can go to an airline office, but it is recommended to do it on a website.

There are several options, but the best thing about buying online is that you can see different prices, combine airlines and do it from the comfort of your home.

The other question is whether you have to buy it on a website that compares prices or on the airline’s website. My advice is to use both and see if one offers you a better price.

It is important to keep in mind that airlines have baggage restrictions and there are always limits. Think carefully about how many suitcases or backpacks you will carry because depending on it you will have to pay more or less.

How to get your ticket

Even if it sounds strange to you because it is the first time you travel by plane, you do not get the ticket immediately, you buy it and the only thing you get is the proof of purchase, nothing more.

Before traveling, a few days before or 24 hours before (depending on the airline) you will have to check.

Ways to check-in

The simplest and most used way to check-in is to go to the airline’s website and look for the “check in” section. There you will have to include your data. Always have your reservation number to hand, which will have come to you by email.

Once you do, you will receive an email with an attached file that you will have to print. That’s your plane ticket. If you are better at going everywhere with your mobile phone and you are a digital person, I recommend that you download the airline’s mobile application and do the process there. That will allow you to go with the online ticket that is to say that you will carry with you a QR code with which you can board the plane. Your smarphone will give you a good time with real money online casinos.

The suitcases

Most airlines allow only one carry-on bag that can go with you at all times. If you carry more than one “package” or your luggage is larger than allowed, you will have to check it in, that is, pay for it when buying the ticket or checking-in.

You can carry with you at all times (in the cabin) a piece of hand luggage (that complies with the sizes established by the company). Even if you carry a very small bag next to the suitcase, they will not let you go with both in the cabin and you will have to put everything in one place or pay a fine that could be around 60 euros approximately.

What you can’t wear

There are things that you cannot carry in your hand luggage , some are very obvious and others may surprise you. So that you do not do like some people who carry very crazy things and can be arrested, I recommend that you follow these instructions.

Liquids: You can only carry bottles that do not exceed 100ml and that all you carry fit in a ziplock bag. In total, your transparent bag cannot exceed one liter of liquids. Keep in mind that things like toothpaste, creams, or semi-liquid products are considered liquids. Don’t forget to take your mobile charger and gadget. It will help you to pass some good time in place or you can try

Weapons: It is clear, neither fire nor cutting.

Sharp elements: Many of them are used for camping or sports. They’re not allowed.

Safety control

Once you have handed in your suitcase you will have to go to the security check.

Make sure before leaving the counter that you have your passport, your ticket and your luggage check.

Now yes, look for the security control.

You will be able to identify this place because it is usually very well indicated and it is usually where there is more movement of people.

The scanner and the metal arch

Once you passed you have to go to the queue. There is usually more than one so choose the one you want but make sure it is not the one that is exclusive for family or “fast track”.

You are about to go through an arch that is a metal detector and other prohibited elements.

Keep in mind that you will have to go through this detector with only clothes and shoes without carrying any metal, liquids or anything else in your pockets. Before crossing, confirm that you do not have a seatbelt on, that you did not leave anything in your pockets and that you are metal-free.

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