Program for the ass

Program for the ass; how to start? The butt is the most attractive part of the human body. After taking 5 minutes of class, you can create a set of exercises that will form the elastic butt of your dreams.

 Leg Curl

Program for the ass; Curling exercises are as follows:

  • Lying leg curls … Lie on the leg curl machine with your knees on the edge of the bench, your legs straight, and your ankles under the roller. Tighten your abdominal muscles so that your spine is in a neutral position. The legs are straight, and the hips are on the bench. Bend your knees without dropping your head. Pull your heels toward your butt and contract your glutes at the top of the track. Return your legs to the starting position without relaxing your glutes. The exercise aims to strengthen the hamstrings and joint muscles. It is recommended to use a working weight between 9 and 23 kilos.
  • Butt Blaster … Place your right knee on the Butt Blaster, so it bends perpendicular to the thigh. Rest on the support with the left foot; the toe of the foot is pointed towards you, and the knee is bent. The elbows are on the palm rest. Grab the handles. Straighten your left leg. When performing the exercise, it is necessary to tighten the gluteal muscles, and the body should be straight. Return to the starting position. The training should be done first on one leg and then on the other. It is recommended to use a working weight between 18 and 36 kilograms.

 Hip ablation

Place a small pancake on the floor 40-50 centimeters from the bottom block. Place the cuff around your right ankle. Place your left foot on the pancake, facing the simulator. Bend the knee slightly for balance. The right leg should be bent so that only the toes rest on the pancake.

Hold the simulator with your hands. Lean forward slightly and contract your abdominal muscles to bring your spine into a neutral position. Stretch your hip muscles, and take your right leg back and up, but don’t straighten it. Correcting the work and then returning to the starting position is necessary. Perform the exercise first on one leg, then on the other. The recommended weight is between 2 and 7 kilos.

To spread your legs while sitting, sit as deep as possible on the outer thigh machine and spread your legs slightly. It is necessary to adjust the stations to be located slightly above the knee joint. Grab the simulator’s handles. Spread your legs to the sides’ hip-width apart, and then return to the starting position. You should work with weights from 9 to 27 kilograms.

Program for the ass

As mentioned above, the workout program consists of three levels and six exercises. To achieve noticeable progress, changing the exercises themselves and their order is desirable. It is necessary to increase the working weight gradually. During the week, it is enough to perform two or three exercises, between which there should be at least one day of rest.

Program for the ass
Program for the ass

Features of exercises for the buttocks:

  • 1st stage … It is necessary to choose one exercise from each group and make one approach for each of them. After 4 to 8 weeks of consistent training, you can move up to Level 2.
  • 2nd level … You should do all the exercises and gradually increase the weight of the weights. You can attend the third level after 6-8 weeks of training.
  • Level 3 … Repeat all exercises for three sets each. To make continuous progress, it is necessary to perform a super sequence of activities in the same group. For example, do one set of exercises 1 and 2 without taking a break. After a short rest, repeat some of these double sets.

You should start from the first level if your training experience does not exceed four months. The second level is available to those with four to twelve months of strength training experience. If you have been training for more than a year, you need the third level.

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