Instagram, Facebook, Twitter: How To Change The Name Of The Account Or Page

Instagram allows you to have both a username and a real name to appear in the application profile.

Social network platforms exist and are multiplying, all with different objectives. The identity we assume or the username we choose is the first step, but what if we realize they no longer fit our personality or just want to have something more serious and professional? Well, changes to usernames or names on our social networks are possible. Whatever the reason behind the decision to change your name, the various Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter allow you to make the change with a few clicks.


Instagram allows you to have both a username and a real name to appear in the application profile. To make these changes, you must first open the application on your mobile. On the right side, at the bottom, there is a thumbnail of your photo. From there, open your profile and click on the Edit profile option. On the page that appears there are several elements to change, such as the profile photo, the name which is the one that appears on the profile, the username which is the nickname with which people can search in the application, the biography and the website. Those with a company profile can link their Facebook page. You will find your online casinos australia in Instagram as well.


Facebook is one of those platforms where the use of the real name is the most widespread behavior. However, this is not a requirement and an alternative name can be added. To change your name on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, you need to access the website from a PC or in any case from the desktop version. In the upper right corner, click the button with the inverted triangle. Follow the next path Settings and Privacy -> General for the option to change the name, but with a caveat. If you make a change it is not possible to change your name on Facebook again for 60 days. Facebook page will you give you update of your gaming site like


One of the features of Twitter is that both names and usernames can be easily changed. To change the username, the at sign, from the desktop site, you need to follow the path More options -> Settings and privacy -> Accounts -> Username. Here you can make the desired changes, remembering not to forget to report it to your followersso they know what the new name is and can continue interacting. The process of changing your name, the one that appears just above your username when you visit your profile, is totally different. You have to go to the Twitter profile and under the cover image or banner, on the right side, click on the Edit profile button. At that point a new window appears from which to change not only the name, but also the avatar or profile picture, the biography, the position, the website and the date of birth.

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