Proteins: Damage to proteins in body structure

Proteins; is it good or bad? Find out why high doses of protein damage the liver and kidneys—suggestions from the advantages of iron sports. People start thinking about their health, bringing them into the hall. They realize the importance of using protein supplements at a certain point since the need for this type of sports nutrition is not in doubt. However, sports supplements are surrounded by several myths we will dispel today. One of the most popular is the question of the dangers of protein in bodybuilding.

Is protein good or bad?

This issue has a long history and is relevant today. Most doctors and all athletes believe that it is impossible to achieve positive results in sports without additional protein intake. They also assure that the harm of proteins in bodybuilding cannot occur and this type of sports nutrition only benefits.

But some people are sure of the opposite. For example, today, there is a very active debate about the adverse effects of protein intake on male strength. We can agree that, under certain conditions, protein supplements can hurt the body.

To deal with this issue thoroughly, you should find the root of this problem. It all started in the days of the Soviet Union when equated all sports nutrition with AAS. This view is so deeply rooted in the minds of many that they continue to do so today.

Protein supplements – Protein preparations obtained from natural foods. No one will argue for sure that protein is necessary for the body. When protein mixtures reach the digestive tract, they are broken down into amines under the influence of special enzymes. It is also useless to argue about the importance of amino acid compounds for the body’s normal functioning since this fact has been scientifically proven.

Amines are used by the body for various purposes, including producing new protein compounds. All human body tissues are composed of proteins, and the higher the rate of assimilation of this nutrient, the faster they are regenerated and new tissues are created. Once upon a time, bodybuilders consumed active milk powder, which, as you know, contains a lot of fat. Then they began to purify milk powder from fat, which does not benefit the body in large quantities. Technological advances have made it possible to separate the casein and whey proteins found in milk. The differences between these proteins should be familiar to you. Modern technology makes it possible to obtain rapidly digestible proteins that do their job brilliantly. You must understand that large quantities of all substances can harm the body. Protein shakes are no exception. We can only talk about the potential harm of protein in bodybuilding if it is used excessively. Some bodybuilders, hoping to gain muscle mass quickly, consume protein supplements in large quantities. It would help if you remembered that the body could only simultaneously process a certain amount of protein compounds. So consuming too much protein does not help speed up weight gain.

 Damage to proteins in body structure
Damage to proteins in body structure

Is soy protein good for you?

This type of protein supplement is also controversial. Most athletes do not try to consume it since soy protein compounds do not have a perfect amino acid profile. If we talk about the dangers of soy protein in bodybuilding, it primarily concerns low-quality food supplements. Unfortunately, there is quite a lot of soy protein on the sports food market.

It must also say that soy contains particular substances that can slow down the production of enzymes involved in processing protein compounds. It leads to slower protein absorption, which is not good.

In addition, soy contains phytoestrogens, which work in the body the same way as female hormones. Therefore, the concentration of estrogen can increase with the long-term use of soy protein in the body of a bodybuilder. In the United States, soy products are popular, and one young man decided to consume only them. Everyone knows that advertising can have a significant effect on a person.

As a result of such an experiment, the concentration of estrogen in the guy’s body exceeded all permissible values, and the production of testosterone practically stopped. When this young man stopped consuming soy products, everything returned to normal after a certain period.

We mentioned this to the fact that soy protein is the worst of anything you can buy today. Scientists have proved this fact, and there is no point in challenging it. The advantages of this sports nutrition include only the low cost and the presence of lecithin in it, which accelerates the regeneration of the cell structure of the brain.

So answering the question of – protein being harmful in bodybuilding, we can safely say that when they are used reasonably, they will be instrumental for you. The only exception is soy protein, which should be used very carefully.

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