Mesobotox for wrinkles: indications, contraindications, injection technique

Mesobotox; what is the benefit? Indications and contraindications for the procedure. The introduction of botulinum solution under the eyes, around the lips, on the neck, and decollete. Recovery time, results. Real mesobotox reviews.

Mesobotox is a technique for superficially injecting Botox in small doses, which aims to rejuvenate the skin without losing its natural appearance. A minor drug concentration is injected under the skin without touching the muscles. This technique avoids the “masking effect.” But at the same time, the face is smooth, as nerve impulses are blocked, which send signals to tiny muscle fibers.

Evidence of the mesobotox procedure

Mesobotox is a modern facial rejuvenation technique that smooths wrinkles while maintaining natural facial expressions. For injections, a particular substance is used – botulinum toxin, which is injected superficially and in small amounts according to a specific system, thus acting only on the small muscles under the skin.

The main component of Botox is botulinum. This nerve agent can paralyze muscles and cause respiratory arrest. In the 1960s, small doses of venom began to be used to treat balance, erysipelas, and esophageal congestion. During the treatment, the doctors noticed that the skin in the injection area looked youthful and smooth. Then scientists began to develop drugs for cosmetics.

The main action of botulinum is to block acetylcholine. This substance is released when muscle tissue contracts. After the injection of mesobox, the tiny accessory fibers are relaxed. At the same time, the stimulating muscles do not lose motor function. As a result, a person can express his feelings, and at the same time, his face is smoothed and gets a clear diagram.

Mesobotox refers to mild procedures. The injection needle is inserted shallowly, so even people with a low pain threshold and sensitive skin can tolerate the session.

The maximum effect is achieved in the following cases:

  • First signs of aging … The first mesobotox procedures are recommended at the age of 28-30. At this time, the girls have small wrinkles around their eyes and lips. Without correction, they deepen and become more apparent and more pronounced. Regular injections of Botox allow you to preserve youthful skin for a long time, postpone plastic surgery as much as possible or do it all together.
  • Active Facial Expressions … Some people grill involuntarily when talking, watching TV, or even being alone when recalling past events. This habit often annoys interviewers. In addition, it is harmful to the skin and causes early wrinkles. The Mesobotox procedure makes a face smoother, and the person gets used to a calmer expression of emotions.
  • An acceptable wrinkled type of aging … Cosmetologists, have noticed that women age differently. For some, the skin falls off (fatigue), swells (deformation), and becomes thinner (muscle type). With a finely wrinkled version, it is covered with fine wrinkles while maintaining the beauty and clarity of the oval face. The photos before and after mesobotox show how the procedure rejuvenates and smoothes the skin.

When you read the reviews of cosmetologists about mesobotox, you can see that the procedure is in demand among the fairer sex. Men prefer to inject Botox into the deep facial muscles to smooth out prominent wrinkles on the forehead, bridge of the nose, and cheekbones.

Contraindications to mesobotox

A professional esthetician will never start a mesobotox procedure without ensuring there are no contraindications.

 These include:

  • Planning pregnancy;
  • Expectations of a child;
  • Breastfeeding;
  • Scratches, pimples, sores at the injection site;
  • Violation of blood coagulation;
  • Diabetes;
  • Allergy to botulinum;
  • Cancer diseases;
  • Tendency to scar the skin.

Contraindications to mesobotex are the acute phase of all chronic diseases. A small dose of the toxin can worsen the course of the disease. In addition, many drugs to fight inflammation, bacteria, fungi, and viruses neutralize the effects of botulinum, reducing the impact of smoothing wrinkles.

Botox is not given to girls under 20 as their complexions are still developing. After 45 years, the effectiveness of the operation decreases. Older people may not notice the smoothing of wrinkles as their skin has already undergone irreversible changes.

Cosmetologists talk about the ineffectiveness of the mesobotox method on the forehead, cheekbones, and nasolabial folds. To smooth out wrinkles in these places, it is necessary to inject the usual strength of Botox or plastic surgery to tighten the skin.

How is the mesobotox procedure performed?

At the preparatory stage, the beautician examines the face and identifies its problem areas. The specialist talks about mesobotox technology and shows photographs of the clinic’s patients. Furthermore, he ensures that there are no contraindications. Sometimes it is recommended to undergo a diagnostic test or to wait until the skin diseases are over.

Mesobotox for wrinkles
Mesobotox for wrinkles

Mesobotox under the eyes

The Mesobotox method is effective for the appearance of fine wrinkles under the lower eyelids. Botox injections at standard dilution (100 units per 2.5 ml of saline) are not suitable for combating this sign of aging. High drug concentrations can cause lymphadenopathy, severe edema, and vision problems.

The patient sits on the couch while the beautician examines her skin under the eyes. By palpation, he assesses the skin’s condition and the muscles’ function. Then he cleans the face with an antiseptic and makes a series of botulinum injections at a depth of 2 mm.

When reading reviews about mesobotox under the eyes, it becomes clear that the procedure erases wrinkles, “opens” the eyelids, and removes the appearance of tiredness and fatigue.

Mesobotox around the lips

Active grimacing, improper care and age-related changes in the body lead to the appearance of longitudinal wrinkles (purse-string) around the lips. Mesobotox sessions allow you to smooth your skin while preserving the individuality of your facial expressions and the beauty of your smile.

The patient sits in a chair; the beautician examines her lips, sometimes under a magnifying glass. With the help of palpation, he notices the condition of the skin and muscles around the mouth. Then he dilutes the medicine and makes several injections at a distance of 1 cm from each other. Hole depth should not exceed 3 mm.

Mesobotox around the lips requires 10-15 injections. During the first hours after the operation, talking, drinking, or eating is forbidden. At night, the swelling subsides, and puncture marks become invisible.

Mesobotox neck and décolleté

The skin in the neck and décolleté area is exceptionally tender and delicate. This part of the body gives the woman’s age and, with improper care, makes her older. Injections of the usual strength of Botox can cause swelling and difficulty speaking and swallowing. Mesobotox is injected shallowly under the skin. Therefore, it has a low rate of side effects.

The patient sits on the couch, and the beautician examines the skin of the neck and décolleté and calculates the number of injections. He then wipes the area with an antiseptic. With high sensitivity to punctures – anesthetic gel. The specialist makes several injections at a distance of 1-2 cm from each other.

Although the procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, it is better to spend the first hour in the clinic for the skin to heal a little. Next, you must go home and spend some time without physical exertion. It is forbidden to sleep on your stomach at night.

The recovery period after mesobotox

Mesobotox is best done on the weekend. The first 4-5 hours after the operation, the face will be red, swollen, and covered with red spots. These reactions to botulinum and acupuncture are considered normal and do not require symptomatic treatment.

During this time, it is prohibited:

  • Tilt the head, and take a horizontal posture;
  • Touching the skin with hands and other objects;
  • Stay long on the street;
  • Drink alcohol and hot drinks.

Spend the day at home. Do not start general cleaning; work in the garden and vegetable garden. Do not stand near a hot stove, and do not use an iron or steam inhaler. Avoid foods that retain moisture in tissues (smoked, salted, canned foods). Lie on your back at night, do not press your face with a pillow.

Results and complications of mesobotox

The final effect of mesobotox can be seen in the mirror after 5-7 days. During this time, swelling disappears, points from punctures with a needle disappear, and fine wrinkles are smoothed. Cosmetologists notice that after photodamage in the deep dermis, blood circulation increases, as well as the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid. As a result, the skin becomes smoother and more elastic.

In reviews of mesobotox, customers say that the effect of the procedure lasts for 6-7 months. At the end of this period, botulinum is wholly eliminated from the body, and small muscles regain their ability to move. If there are no contraindications, you can repeat beauty injections on this or another part of the face.

Cosmetologists explain that 4% of men and 1% of women are resistant to the effects of Botox. The cause of immunity is a genetic trait, and the consequences of treatment against botulism or vaccination against the disease. In such patients, other regenerative methods have been developed that are not related to the introduction of botulinum.

Complications of mesobox are:

  • Allergic reactions … Cosmetologists explain that the immune system often does not react to the toxin but to the auxiliary components of the medicine or the anesthesia with which the face is treated before the procedure. They recommend that allergy sufferers undergo an allergy skin test and carry an antihistamine. The main symptoms of a reaction are itching, redness, and a local increase in temperature.
  • Asymmetry … The human face is composed of 54 muscles. The beautician must know where and at what distance from the epidermis they are located. An error in calculation leads to skew or asymmetry—correct a minor manifestation of this complication with additional injections of the drug. But more often than not, the patient has to wait until the toxin is removed from the body. To speed up the process, use massage and physiotherapy to activate metabolism.
  • Infection … If sterility conditions are not observed, dirt can get under the skin from the needle, the medicine cap, or the beautician’s hands. The infection manifests itself with fever, loss of appetite, and weakness. The site of infection swells, becomes red, and hurts when pressed. See your doctor if you have these symptoms. He will prescribe anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and healing treatments.

Remember that when choosing a beauty salon, you need to consider not only the price of a mesobotox unit. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the room and the availability of modern equipment. Be sure to ask for a certificate for this type of activity, and check the experience of the beautician.

Real mesobotox reviews

Superficial Botox treatment helps women look younger without losing the opportunity to express their feelings. According to numerous positive reviews about mesobotox, it is painless and has a short recovery time. The first results can be seen already after 5-7 days. Here are their top tips.

Nadezhda is 34 years old.

When I noticed the first wrinkles under my eyes, I smoothed them with a mild Botox solution. This procedure was done by many of my friends, especially since the price of mesobotex in Moscow and other cities is almost the same. I was happy with the result. Now I try to nod less.

Christina, 38

I learned about the mesobotox from reviews on a women’s forum. I asked in the meeting where to do mesobotox in St. Petersburg and received many valuable suggestions. I chose a salon close to my home and was happy with the results. Most importantly, there are no mask effects and silly puppet expressions. And at the same time, it smoothed out minor wrinkles, making the appearance more open and elegant.

Tatyana, 25 years old

I have had poor eyesight since childhood, but I have never used glasses. Due to the ongoing recession, when I was 25, small wrinkles appeared near my eyes. I read the reviews of people and beauticians about mesobotox; many praised the procedure, and now I can also leave a positive review about mesobotox on the eyes.


Introducing a weak botulinum solution under the skin helps women look younger while maintaining their individuality and ability to express emotion. The advantage of the procedure is painless and short recovery time; the disadvantages – are the sensitivity of the effect (3-4 months) risk of side effects.

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