Yuki: How to use Yuki nail polish?

Yuki, how do you design your nail polish? Features of their use in nail design. What tools and materials are needed for a manicure? The best ideas, instructions on how to use Yuki chips, and honest reviews.

Yuki flakes are a variation of nail polish. The material is a metallic pigment that is pressed into the finest sheets. It looks like flakes of multicolored snow in a jar, and on the nails, it seems like the glittering shell of a magnificent beetle. The massage has many tones that can mix.

The shape of the manicure with Yuki chips

Many girls prefer Yuki flakes manicures. After all, this nail design has many advantages, namely:

  • A wide range of colors and shades;
  • Ability to apply in different ways;
  • The ease of making a home manicure;
  • Resistance to external stimuli;
  • Easy to remove the image.

As with any method of decorating your nails, rubbing in with Yuki’s flakes has drawbacks. These include:

  • The scattering of weightless flakes from the slightest breath of air;
  • The need to purchase special equipment;
  • Difficulty working on the right hand (for right-handers).

But all the difficulties of the work are forgotten in the result. Girls in reviews write about the beauty and originality of nail art and the surprise and admiration of family members, friends, and colleagues.

Short nails have not yet lost their importance. Yuki’s hair can emphasize modesty, romance, boldness, and originality in the girl’s character. In the first case, choose the gentle glow of the “Rose Quartz” massage, and in the second – the bright flow of “Fluorite.”

Yuki flakes are also suitable for decorating long nails. In this case, the masters advise not to rub all 10 nail plates. It is much better to highlight two or four of them with color. A large surface area allows for any technique: flap, tilt, and mirror.

A device for creating a manicure

To create a beautiful design with chips Yuki, you need to prepare your nails for a manicure:

  • Make the same shape and perfectly smooth the surface of the nail plate.
  • Process the cuticles.
  • Shave and disinfect the skin.

For this, the captain needs special equipment:

  • Scissors … This nail clipper is exceptionally sharp and durable. Cosmetic products have a slightly curved end to facilitate work with the tips: shape, cut-off parts near the cuticle. When choosing a tool, pay attention to the quality of the material, ease of grip, and sharpness.
  • Nippur … With the help of this tool, manicure masters process the cuticles; that is, they cut them safely to give the nail plate a neat appearance. Please note that medical steel products can withstand multiple sharpening and any disinfection. Comfortable handles and smooth running characterize quality pliers.
  • Nail files … are necessary for processing part of the nail plate. The carpenter always has several tools of different sizes and stiffness. When buying nail files, give models made of glass and steel with a high-quality homogeneous coating—covers for storing products.
  • Buff … The device is a rectangular bar; each face is sprayed with the smallest particles. It polishes the nail plate and removes tubercles, pits, and grooves. This stage of manicure is necessary for better adhesion of the varnish and the possibility of creating a perfectly smooth base for nail art.
  • Brushes … To rub and mix Yuki flakes, you must have a meeting with dense short bristles. They spray the plates to the consistency of dust, creating a perfectly smooth mirror surface of the nail plate. Stores also sell brushes with silicone-alcohol and foam phases.
  • Wax pencil … The device looks like a wooden pencil, with a wax stick inserted instead of lead. Can use it to transfer Yuki’s flakes from the jar to the nail plate. In this way, a manicure is done with plasters or rubbing spots. The device is equipped with a handy cap to keep the wax fresh.

All devices should be stored separately, preferably in individual cases. That way, you can keep them working for a long time.

Materials for making a manicure

First of all, you need to buy Yuki’s cereal directly. In addition, to create a manicure, you need nail polish, a top and starting coat, a cleanser, and liquid cuticles. All materials are sold in the cosmetic departments of stores and on numerous websites.

What materials are needed to make a manicure?

  • Yuki chips … The material is sold in transparent plastic jars for 200-250 rubles. Often the pigment has the name natural stones (aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz), as it sparkles in several shades that characterize this jewelry. Tips with a ready-made manicure are attached to the palettes to make it easier to choose a color.
  • Nail polish …  Can glue Yuki flakes to regular nail polish and gel polish. When buying a traditional varnish, you must choose an opaque material; only in this case can you get a high-quality base for nail art. The color can match the flakes or emphasize their beauty with contrasting shades.
  • Protective coating … You Can not do  A manicure with a Yuki chip design without clear protective coatings. They grease the nail plate, fix a layer of varnish, and create a sticky layer for rubbing. Keep the material fresh and uniform and buy high-quality products.
  • Liquid cuticles … The substance is a thick gel liquid, which, after being applied to the skin, turns into a transparent film. While creating a pattern protects the cuticle, making the manicure complete and neat after light removal. For additional skin care, vegetable oils are added to the liquid.

Preparing nails for applying Yuki flakes

Rubbing Yuki flakes is applied to the nail plate at the final stage of the manicure. To make the nail art as neat and beautiful as possible, you must complete all the steps to align and stain the nail plate.

How to prepare your nails for a manicure:

  • Prepare the desk for work.
  • Provide good lighting for your workplace.
  • Give your nails the same shape.
  • Polish the nail plates.
  • Treat the cuticles.
  • Apply starter coat.

How to use Yuki chips?

To understand how to apply Yuki Flakes to your nail polish, you must choose a manicure design.

The method of fixing the pigment plates depends on this:

  • Wax pencil … With this tool, spot gluing of Yuki’s chips is performed. The master sticks the plates in a color that contrasts with the polish and applies them to the nail plate with spots or patches. Then he secures them with an overcoat.
  • With a soft brush … With its help, you can create a chameleon skin. To do this, it is necessary to fix the flakes with a continuous “blanket” from the middle of the nail plate to its edges. In this case, you cannot scratch and shade rub. The lightest panels are easily glued to the varnish and fixed with finishing.
  • Silicone brush … This tool is used to create a mirror image. Yuki’s flakes are placed on the nail in bunches, then they shade them on the fabric, literally rubbing it into the surface. Next, the nail art is fixed with a layer of top coat.

To remove any manicure, you must use a regular nail polish remover. In this case, you do not need to rub your nails unnecessarily or buy liquids with aggressive components in the composition.

After removing Yuki’s flakes and the whole manicure, you need to take care of the nail plate, cuticles, and skin of the fingers. Apply a special liquid with calcium and other beneficial substances to the nails. Massage vegetable oils into the cuticles to keep them soft and to quickly push the skin back. Treat your hands with a moisturizer or nourishing cream.

 Yuki nail polish
Yuki nail polish

Yuki Flakes Nail Design Options

Can apply Yuki flakes to any layer. But at the same time, you need to consider a few things. So, the acrylic hardens quickly, so you must do nail art without an unnecessary stool. The gel polish needs to be removed from the sticky layer. And fix the classic varnish with two layers of protective plate.

Floral pattern

Many women wonder how to use Yuki flakes to create floral designs. The masters talk about exciting and simple techniques for drawing large bright flowers. You need opaque black nail polish and Yuki Honey Carnelian flakes to do this.

Complete all procedures step by step. Apply two coats of black polish to your nails. Make sure there are no translucent areas. Fix it with a top coat.

Using crayons, paint three spots of Yuki chips on your nail. There should be a gap between them, covered with black varnish. Next, with a thin brush, outline the white edges of the spots in the shape of a flower. Create a core with some white dots.

When dry, apply two coats of top coat. If desired, decorate the flower’s core with small stones or rhinestones.

Please note that this design looks better on two nails (on the ring fingers).

Yuki Flake Gradient

Yuki flakes can be used to create a gradient manicure. Its main feature is a smooth transition from one color to another. In our case, you must take Yuki flakes “Brazilian agate,” white, purple, and purple nail polish.

After the initial treatment, apply two coats of white varnish. Then use a soft brush to cover the entire nail plate with a Brazilian agate massage. At the same time, you cannot shade the flakes so that the skin is textured and appears voluminous.

Attach the chips with the top and start making the gradient. To do this, apply a thick, opaque layer of purple nail polish on top of the nail. After the hole has dried, take lilac varnish and move from top to bottom so that the color becomes more transparent at the end border. Yuki’s white agate flakes will shine through under the polish, creating a velvety and voluminous effect.

Melted snow

The word “Yuki,” translated from Japanese, means “snow.” The massage plates are very similar to weightless shiny snowflakes. The similarity can be increased by using a blue background and white translucent Yuki flakes in the manicure.

So, do all the basic procedures. Apply the blue opaque nail polish to all but the ring fingers. Fix the color with a top. Attach the white translucent Yuki chips without removing the sticky layer. Without shading, they look like spring melting snow. Attach the cover with a finish.

Should highlight the nails on the ring fingers with a large pattern. Beauticians suggest drawing snowflakes. It has clear lines on the way, so it turns out beautifully, even for beginners. You can choose the color, shape, and decoration yourself.

New Year’s manicure

To create this type of nail art, you will need green varnish, Yuki’s emerald flakes, white acrylic paint, large (2-3 mm in diameter) shiny circles, stones, or rhinestones.

After all the pre-treatments, apply green nail polish. Next, attach Yuki’s emerald flakes to them so that the plates don’t shade into dust but instead look like textured velvet skin. Secure the background with two coats of finish.

In the next step, draw some spruce branches on the sides of the nail. Use a thin brush and white acrylic paint. The more needles you use, the more delicate and elegant the nail art will be. After drying, a top coat is applied.

At the final stage, decorate the fir branches with Christmas balls. To do this, glue foil circles in a chaotic manner. Attach the drawing with finishing touches. Glue a multicolored stone or transparent rhinestones in the center of some jewelry.

Reptile design

Each jar of Yuki’s cereal contains several shades. This feature allows you to create stunning images. One of them is imitation crocodile skin. To create nail art, you will need emerald flakes, white gel polish, and white acrylic paint.

After the first procedure:

  1. Apply Yuki emerald flakes to the nails in a thick layer without shadowing in the dust.
  2. If there are golden rub flakes, add them randomly.
  3. Secure the cover with a top.

Next, draw on the nails an imitation of a crocodile skin pattern, flat circles. Do it first with white translucent gel polish. When dry, copy the way with a narrow brush of white acrylic paint.

In the final stages, apply a top coat over the entire nail and when it is dry – especially in each circle. The result is a three-dimensional pattern with a velvety shimmering base.

Honest feedback on using Yuki Flakes

Before using Yuki chips, it is essential to read reviews about which colors work best with each other. Many girls describe how the procedure takes place in the salon and talk about the reaction of friends and acquaintances to unusual nail art.

Julia, 36

I enjoy working with Yuki’s chips. Each jar is a separate box of beads. You can hover it for minutes by simply flicking it in your hands. On the nails, they look no less beautiful. Moreover, one jar is enough for a vast number of pins. And it is also interesting to mix them and create new colors. When clients come, I recommend Yuki’s flaky manicure, and they are always happy.

Margarita, 51 

I usually do a French manicure. But the captain suggested I add some color and showed me a jar of Yuki’s chips. I agreed to decorate my nails this way and did not regret it. They sparkle in the lamp’s light yet look natural and elegant. In addition, the captain chose a color that matches the stones on my rings. Overall I thought it was perfect.

Alexandra, 29

I like to change pictures often. It also applies to manicures. Every time I ask the master to do something new for me. I once got a manicure with Yuki chips. It was wonderful. The master glued me to each plate separately. And finally, we got yellow leaves on black ground. Many friends complimented my manicure and asked for the owner’s phone number.

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