Butt bigger than the other: How to fix it?

Butt bigger than the other; find out the factors contributing to the imbalance in the development of sitting muscles, which will help you repair the power that remains. Girls put a lot of emphasis on training the situs muscles. It is one of the problem areas of the female body, where fat deposits accumulate. In addition, the male gaze is permanently riveted to this part of the body. Today you will learn what to do and how to exercise if one butt is bigger than the other.

Why is one butt bigger than the other?

If you want to know what to do and how to train, if one butt is bigger than the other, you first need to understand the reasons for what is happening. There are several reasons why an imbalance occurs in the development of fatty tissue muscles.

Misalignment of the pelvic floor and curvature of the spinal cord

According to official statistics, 25 percent of women have a particular imbalance in the buttocks. The amount of this deficiency can vary very significantly. Now we are talking about both the volume of the muscles and their vertical arrangement. Generally, every person has an imbalance.

Sports can make them worse, and if you find yourself in a similar situation, the main thing is not to panic. It is possible that only you notice this asymmetry. If everything is terrible and the imbalance in the buttocks is noticeable, you must try eliminating it.

Often it is violations of the position of the spinal cord that cause asymmetry. It can be scoliosis, expansion or misalignment of the pelvic floor, as well as changes in the height of the intervertebral discs. As a result, you observe arm muscle imbalances.

Violation of the technique of performing movements or mistakes in the training program

It is an equally common reason compared to the first. Many novice male and female athletes do not want to spend much time on the correct selection of strength exercises. Today, almost everyone knows that the squat is the most effective glute exercise.

Therefore, this is what the majority of hall visitors do. However, squats in the classic form allow you to pump the quadriceps, not the glutes. It is worth using a squat in the Smith machine to achieve the desired results with the extension of the legs forward.

The choice of strength exercises is essential for the quality of pumping muscles and your emotions. Girls often work on the buttocks and do not notice the sensations in the central powers during training. Therefore, one force works as actively as possible, and the load on another is insufficient – can not avoid imbalance in this case.

Genetics and acquired morphological factors

Nowadays, it is customary to talk about the influence of genetics on athletes and their success. However, an innate factor can cause an imbalance. Most of the time, they are extensive—acquired morphological characteristics – any long-term (more than two years) physical fitness. Let’s say that dance can be such an element.

Sedentary lifestyle

For a person to have an asymmetrical butt, it is unnecessary to visit the gym. If the muscles are under stress, the result can be the same. It is essential for girls who work in offices to increase their physical activity. Otherwise, by your thirties, your gluteal muscles will significantly lose volume.

Gluteus anatomy

We will talk later about what to do and how to train if one butt is bigger than the other. Now I would like to dwell on the anatomy of the gluteal muscles. The appearance of the buttocks depends on several factors – bone structure, skin, muscle mass, and subcutaneous fat. We will now take a quick look at all these factors.

Bone structure

The pelvic cavity is the basis of the gluteus muscle, and we cannot change the structure of the bones. An adult woman has a broader pelvis, although she may have been narrower as a teenager. With age and the development of the hormonal system, this part of the skeleton can increase in size. There are exceptions, however, and a woman with a narrow pelvis cannot give birth generally as the fetus does not have enough room to exit. The pelvic cavity in women is more comprehensive than in men’s and placed higher. It is what explains the different shapes of the female butt.


In addition to the bone structure, the shape of the buttocks is also determined by muscles and body fat. This muscle group consists of three sections – large, small, and medium. It should note that the butt is mighty but does not respond very well to training.

The significant part is about 70 percent of the total mass of the gluteal muscles. It is thanks to growth that the butt acquires volume. In terms of fiber composition, it is mixed with a predominance of straight fibers. This fact suggests that to achieve maximum results when working in a large department, it is necessary to use an integrated approach, alternating exercises in strength mode (from 3 to 4 sets of 6-8 repetitions each) with high-repetition practice (more than 15 repetitions per each failure) …

The middle part is located under a significant amount. It is responsible for the appearance of the upper part of the buttocks. Quality training allows you to shape the bar of this part of the body. The best option, in this case, is to use strength training with medium weight at 12-15 repetitions. The small piece is essential for forming the lower part of the buttocks.

Subcutaneous fat deposits

Most people believe that fat is bad. However, if there is not a certain amount of fatty tissue in the neck and buttocks, it is tough to create a beautiful image. At the same time, notice the word “some.” Maintaining a certain amount of fat in these parts of the body is essential. Suppose fatty tissues are present on the buttocks in the right places. In that case, the pastor will gain volume, and you will avoid the appearance of anxiety and irregularity.

It is essential to remember that to form beautifully rounded buttocks; girls should not torture their bodies with various nutrition programs and devote a lot of time to physical training. A female body should contain 12 to 17 percent of adipose tissue. When preparing for competitions, athletes often burn a lot of fat, which negatively affects the appearance of their figure.

You must remember that subcutaneous fat deposits and their distribution are essential in terms of the appearance of the buttocks. This process is directly related to genetics and the concentration of hormonal substances. Unfortunately, girls in this situation have very little leverage. There is only one thing – hormones.

Butt bigger than the other
Butt bigger than the other

Thus, it would help if you did the following preparatory work:

  • Stop using birth control pills.
  • Include foods in your diet that can increase estrogen levels, such as soy, citrus fruits, and legumes.
  • Do not neglect medicines, for example, hemopexin or Premarin.

By increasing the concentration of estrogen, the body begins accumulating active fat reserves, including the buttocks. However, the amount depends on genetics and the type of girl’s figure. The organism’s genetic characteristics differ in representatives of other ethnic groups. For example, in Brazilian women, fat accumulates in the buttocks. But with our compatriots, this happens mainly on the waist, lower back, hips, and sides.


The final factor that affects the appearance of the butt is the skin. Around 30, girls begin to develop specific problems related to a decrease in elasticity, thinning of the skin, and a worsening of blood circulation. It leads to the appearance of cells and stretch marks. It’s time to answer the article’s central question and find out what to do and how to train if one butt is bigger than the other.

One butt is bigger than the other: practical advice on what to do and how to exercise.

Before we move on to specific training programs, we must discuss the preparatory work.

It would help if you carried out:

  • Choose the most effective exercises for each part of the gluteus muscle.
  • Change the classic movement options for you.
  • Focus on training for the flabby butt.
  • Don’t get carried away with dehydration and store 12 to 17 percent of fatty tissue in the body.

It is not for nothing that we spent a lot of time on the anatomy of this muscle group. By knowing the structure of the muscles, you will be able to choose the right movements to maximize each part. Can only obtain the desired shape of the buttocks with an integrated approach. In the classic version, many girls perform two or at most three actions of the hip muscles. However, you should use a unique training method.

So what to do and how to train if one butt is bigger than the other? First, it is necessary to increase the muscles’ volume around the remaining buttocks’ entire perimeter. That way, you can quickly eliminate the imbalance.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to use training with the following parameters:

  • There are two classes this week.
  • The intensity of the training is moderate.
  • The length of breaks between sets is 45 seconds.
  • The number of sets and repetitions is indicated.
  • Cardio – Use the boot immediately after training your gluteal muscles for 20 minutes of cardio.
  • After completing each movement, static tension and relaxation of the muscles are required.

And now, the training program will answer the question of what to do, how to fix it, and how to train if one butt is bigger than the other.

1st day

  • One leg bench press with dumbbells in prone – 2 sets of 25 repetitions each.
  • Press on one leg in the simulator; put the legs high – 4 sets of 15 repetitions each.
  • Side approaches with one leg on a bench with dumbbells – 4 sets of 15 repetitions each.
  • Leads the leg to the side in the lower block – 2 sets of 25 repetitions each.
  • Dumbbell Single Leg Deadlift – 4 sets of 15 reps each.

2nd day

  • Brings one leg back to a standing position in the lower block – 2 sets of 25 reps each.
  • Bulgarian One-Leg Lunges in Smith’s Machine – 4 sets of 15 reps each.
  • Single leg bench press – 4 sets of 15 reps each.
  • Bench Supported Glute Bridge – 4 sets of 15 reps each.
  • Raising the legs to the sides on one side with an elastic band attached to the legs – 4 sets of 15 repetitions each.


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