Wear: What to wear for the New Year 2023

Wear; What to wear for the New Year 2023? Astrologer tips and tricks, what to wear for New Year 2023, major clothing taboos. How to dress for a woman, man, children, what to wear to a company party?

What to wear for the New Year is an eternal question that primarily concerns women. How else? If you don’t encourage the totem, you will have a black stripe all year. At least, those who mindlessly follow the advice of astrologers think so. And yet the Year of the Rat 2023 is unique, a leap year. So try to follow our advice to live it with dignity and for the most significant benefit of yourself and your loved ones.

How to choose an outfit for the New Year 2023?

When astrologers advise for a particular year, they start from elementary school – the qualities and desires of the animal, which will replace the previous totem. In 2022 it was a pig. 2023 will radically differ from the passing year because the Rat is not just a witty and clever animal.

There are wide varieties of the 2023 totem animals, which differ in color, ears, and coat quality. So the Rat is a fashionista, intelligent and beautiful, plus she loves everything shiny, thrifty, and thrifty. Here is a psychological picture.

If you don’t know what to wear for the New Year of the Rat 2023, buy a carnival costume for yourself or your child. The animal will appreciate it.

It is believed that attracting the Rat’s attention in the New Year is imperative. Otherwise, the entire 12th birthday of the person will be haunted by mistakes: he can go broke, become unhappy or even be out of a job. Whether this is so – no one knows.

When choosing clothes for the New Year 2023, keep the following points in mind:

  • Color … The favorite is white because the year of the white metal rat is coming. However, the rodent will also support other shades, such as beige, milk, red (sandy), brown, caramel, champagne, black, dark chocolate, chocolate, blue, and pearl. Rats come in all these colors, so choose the one you like, in high respect shades of green, pink, purple, and pastel.
  • Texture … With a metallic sheen. It does not mean that matte fabrics are prohibited. Quite the opposite: the Rat loves soft rags and only from natural fibers. Choose from the finest wool, linen, cotton, silk, and satin with sparkling accents. And no mixed fibers. In addition, the body in such materials will be charming.
  • Print … Flowers and floral decorations will come in handy.
  • Length of clothing and frankness … Be a model of virtue on New Year’s Eve. The lower length for women is midi or maxi. The neck is adequate and modest. Experiment with pictures – the animal will appreciate it.

Taboo when choosing wear for the New Year

The Rat does not like sour taste, so be careful when deciding what to wear for the New Year. Don’t mix things up in different styles or have a lot of decorations so you don’t look like a Christmas tree. The animal does not like the taste.

Consider what not to wear for the New Year 2023:

  • Color … Rats don’t like water, so don’t use shades of blue. Red will also infuriate next year’s hosts, but its shades are perfectly acceptable if they suit you. In general, exclude all toxic acid colors since even one’s eyes are dazzling and their combinations.
  • Textures … Synthetics are not honored this year. Yes, it is of little use to a person: it is very electric and shocks with electric current, sticks to pantyhose, just to the body, and does not breathe. So put it aside.
  • Print … The rodent hates cats and snakes. If you want to calm down, don’t irritate; hide the leopard and snake prints away, as well as anything that can remind you of these natural enemies of the Rat.
  • Length of clothing and frankness … A rat is unlikely to like plunging necklines, thigh-high cuts, skirts, or shorts that barely cover the bottom or bareback. She is a modest girl. But this does not mean that you need to appear in the form of an ascetic, wrapped in a deaf and covered in a colorful scarf of a warm grandmother. The Rat loves experimentation very much because, by nature, it has a lively mind and is curious.

The best ideas on what to wear for the New Year 2023

The rodent is still that esthete. All the above recommendations push you to the only correct answer to the question of what to wear for the New Year of the Rat – sit down and think carefully about your image, even consult a stylist. And only after that go to the store for shopping.

How should one dress?

It seems that it could be more straightforward: stylish clothes, traditional tie or bow tie, beautiful shoes – and the image is ready. But even here, you can conjure up to look at least unusual, as irresistible as possible. By the way, the Rat will appreciate the second one.

What to wear for New Year’s Eve for men:

  • Aries … Choose shirts that contrast with your clothes. They can be rich burgundy, greenish, beige, or peach.
  • Bull … Keep the pants light and the shirt black. Don’t forget silver hair.
  • Cancer … This sign will go with the style in the 30s of the XX century. And that’s what cancer is all about.
  • Gemini … Dualism in everything. Advice to all representatives of this sign: do not overdo it when mixing styles; otherwise, it will look too pretentious or, even worse – funny.
  • Lion … It is useless to advise this sign of the Zodiac, even if it is a man, even a woman. Leos often combine inconsistencies but think that only they are right. Something to argue with them is useless and sometimes dangerous.
  • Virgo … Dress up like Prince Charles or Prince William and hit the bull’s eye.
  • Libra … A classic three-piece suit made of gray fabric, a crisp white shirt, and a tie with a floral print – this is your outfit for the meeting 2023. But no one bothers to experiment. So on.
  • Scorpio … Your outfit should be as neutral as possible. But it is not forbidden to wear a beautiful shirt of an unusual shade.
  • Sagittarius … The recommendations for you are the same as for Scorpio. Complete your outfit with a nice tie clip and an expensive watch.
  • Capricorn … Sand or milk-colored suit, black shirt, and expensive watch. In such an outfit, every man becomes irresistible.
  • Aquarius … Minimalism and simplicity are your motto. Just don’t be a gray rat: add some bright accents, for example, a burgundy shawl, the same tie, and a belt with a shiny buckle.
  • Pisces … Black suit, white shirt, silver tie. Add optional extras, and you’re good to go.

A lot depends on what outfit you will wear for the New Year. At least, this is what astrologers think. If you are an ardent supporter of them, heed the advice above. If not, dress as usual. After all, there are clothes in the Rat’s favorite colors – gray, graphite, black, and their shades – in every man’s wardrobe. And don’t forget to add a highlight in the form of a tie and belt.

How should a woman dress?

The best solution is an evening dress. However, you can wear anything to please the Rat. Some particularly creative adults are happy to dress up in rodent costumes, put on hats or headbands with ears on their heads and enjoy it. But in this form, you do not fit into any company.

So, what to wear for the New Year for a woman:

  • A dress;
  • Trouser suit;
  • The cons;
  • Tunic with leggings.

What dress to wear for the New Year

 Something suitable for your figure and situation. If the celebration takes place in a restaurant – evening, if it is a New Year’s company party – case or imperial length empire style, hourglass or their modern counterparts in the kind of a new look.

What color to wear a dress for the New Year

 Something the rat likes, but this is only if you believe in the predictions of astrologers. But after all, nothing stops you from choosing a silver model with beaded embroidery or a dawn-colored dress decorated with sequins.

Anything related to pants is not to the Rat’s liking. Although she is like an animal with an inquiring mind, the sage leaves a wide field for the ladies’ imagination. If you want to make a statement in pants on New Year’s Eve, choose pants made of thin, flowy fabrics.

The suit is from the same opera as the trousers. Modern designers have created many feminine designs that resemble evening dresses. If you choose something like this, the Rat will be happy.

A tunic with leggings, especially if the latter are bright or colorful, is a challenge for the overall time of the year that he will appreciate. The Rat is an active and happy animal. So the colors suit him.

wear for the New Year 2023
wear for the New Year 2023

What should a child wear?

An age-old problem that all parents face, without exception. And suppose everything is more straightforward with a child under 7 years old (parents themselves decide what to wear to a matinee – in a rat or bat costume). In that case, it is tough with teenagers. Children 14 and older already have their own opinions and may well disagree with what adults feel for them.

Should you impose on teenagers the rules invented by astrologers? Or maybe allow them to choose an outfit on their own and actively participate in this? The second is better than the first.

Parents can guide an already big child in the right direction, and he won’t even notice. And then the puzzle of what to wear for New Year’s Eve for a teenager will turn into an exciting shopping trip.

Teenage girls already feel like little ladies: they want an evening dress, a small clutch, makeup, and high heels, as well as authentic perfume and a tiara. And what to do in such a situation? Do not deprive the child of the holiday, although you have to spend an impressive amount for this.

Buy baby makeup for makeup that won’t ruin your baby’s skin. Beautiful dresses, handbags, and shoes are sold both in specialized children’s stores and inexpensive stores – look there if you want to please your princess with an unusual outfit.

A good option is to order a dress in a studio or sew it yourself if you are a professional machine operator. Just don’t forget to consult with your daughter about whether she likes the style.

Just like teenage girls, boys already feel very mature and independent. If you want to instill in your son a taste for good style:

  • Shop for actual adult-style suits, patent shoes, and contrasting ties;
  • Go to the hairdresser and get a stylish haircut;
  • Give the first eau de toilette ever.

Important advice! Let the kids decide what to wear for New Year’s Eve, don’t insist on it yourself at all costs – spoil the mood for everyone. And even if they will be comical at first, you will help the child develop his taste, which is much more important than forcing him to wear what he does not like.

What to wear for New Year’s business?

When choosing clothes for a company party for the New Year, you need to take into account several nuances: the setting is formal or informal, the venue is a restaurant, chef’s hall, hunting lodge and later skiing, your body type (for women), position, your age.

If you don’t know what to wear for New Year’s Eve 2023 for an office manager, remember that you can dress however you want, as long as it only matches the recommendations of the astrologers. You don’t have to go out and buy an outfit in an expensive fashion store. It could be your old evening dress or suit.

The situation is more complicated about what to wear for the New Year for the head of the company. Cheap things are taboo for you; status does not allow it. A universal solution for women is classic clothes, but of some unusual color, perhaps cream or dusty rose, with a snow-white blouse and always high-heeled shoes. There is nothing to say about men: a suit, a shirt in white, black or an exciting color, a tie, a belt, new shoes. If the company party is in an informal setting, jeans are acceptable, and instead of a jacket – a fabulous sweater.

Shoes and accessories

We want so much comfort and freedom if we celebrate the New Year at home – slippers in the house, pajamas, and a Santa hat on our heads. If such an outfit is quite acceptable in the cat (rabbit) year, then the Rat will not tolerate such a veil.

Shoes should be heels, and not just all, but high and thin. You have to learn if you don’t know how to walk in a shoe (or shoes) like this. In any case, it will be helpful to: suddenly you have to accompany your husband to a party. There are only high heels and no comfortable sneakers or mid-tops.

Well, accessories. Often they add a lot of interest to the outfit, make a classic dress look new, and play with entirely different colors. Choose – a scarf, an elegant small handbag or clutch, expensive jewelry, or jewelry made of silver or platinum (yellow gold is not in honor of the Rat). No holiday is complete without this. Well, and even more so to celebrate the New Year.

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