Hair curler: How to choose the proper hair curler

Hair curler; how do you choose the right one? Tips for selecting a curling iron:

  • What criteria to pay attention to?
  • What types are available?
  • What is better for what?

Most women know that a hair dryer dries the hair and a curling iron puts it in a curl or straight stream. The requirements for all devices are simple: the hair must keep its color and look shiny and healthy but must style in an appropriate hairstyle for a long time. These devices don’t just create high temperatures; they are your stylists. If you choose a terrible stylist, the style as a whole will suffer. We learn to choose a personal expert – the proper curler.

How to choose a hair curler by price and brand

Straightener Braun ST 780 Satin Hair 7: You can start choosing a curling iron from a manufacturer that produces high-quality equipment that meets modern requirements. It can be cheap, for example, the Chinese company Baby Curl, Curl Control, Karizma Creative, expensive from the Chinese Coni Smooth, BaByliss, not very expensive thought from the European companies GA.MA Titanium, Moser Ionic, very expensive professional European Braun or Valera.

 Once you have turned your choice to the manufacturer, focus on the price. The cheapest without additional functions can cost $ 10. Without a ceramic-coated brush head, they start at $ 60. In contrast, options with many attachments and other features start at $ 150.

Pads from one manufacturer may have a completely different coating, the presence or absence of a curling element (such as a clip, for example). And, of course, the diameter of the working part of the curling iron, which will create curls for you. For those who want to change their hairstyle (today curls and tomorrow straight hair), there are complete sets with attachments; here are irons and brushes for short haircuts. As you can see, there are plenty to choose from. Then…

Types of bags

BaByliss Pro Ionic Hi-Def Waver triple curling iron:

  • Cylindrical – a classic of the type with a round stem;
  • Cone-cone tongs;
  • Dual (double);
  • Triangular – having a triangular section;
  • Three barrel;
  • Spiral (with the spiral format for curly hair).

How to choose a Hair curler to cover the processing part

The working part of the curling iron is what directly affects the hair. The style and the hair’s quality and health depend on this. If you want cheaper and don’t care about the condition of your hair, the metal surface will create your hair, although it heats up more slowly. Quality coating – ceramic. It heats up quickly, is smoother, and protects hair. For volume, a ceramic curling iron is an excellent choice, though not cheap.

A costly ceramic curling iron Valera 640.01 Ionic Multi-style Professional with four nozzles. More expensive curling irons (Valera 640.01) have ion generators. What is it for? The manufacturer claims that this feature helps make hair shiny. It is due to the smoothing of the scales. Ionization also prevents hair from tangling during styling.


Temperature plays a vital role in the length of curls. Very high – will burn the string, not high enough – will not hold its shape. Know that the optimal heating of the curling iron, which will save the strand and give it volume and body, is from 100 to 120 degrees. Cheap models do not have a heating limiter; you must recognize the critical moment of this saving. It is good if there is an indicator that indicates the heating of the processing part. But it is still better to choose a curling iron that can control the temperature. Expensive models, such as Braun or Remington, have a manual switch or button that allows you to select the heating of the rod to the temperature that suits your hair, i.e., adjust the curling iron to your hair. So thick hair will feel comfortable at high temperatures, and thin or colored hair will be able to form and maintain health at lower temperatures.

How to choose a hair curler for your hair

Curling iron with a spiral body for curling curls Sinbo SHD -7027 – Curling irons with a spiral is very convenient. The tip of the string is inserted into it and wound up. It is how the curls that all women love are created. Depending on the thickness of the hair and the size of the rings (circles), a curling iron is chosen, i.e., the diameter of the workpiece (they are from 10 to 25 mm). It is clear that the bigger the bar, the bigger the wave. For thick hair, it is better to choose a smaller diameter; thick hair tends to wind down a bit.

Lovers of small curls can choose a curling iron with a smaller diameter. The thinner the strand is twisted or the lighter the hair itself, the more OK the Curl, the more elegant the entire shock of curled hair will be.

Babyliss MS21E multistyler -. Conical nozzles give the curls a natural look. They do not have a clip, for example, BaByliss, but the hairstyle looks lush and realistic when you trim it. Some models are equipped with special heat-resistant gloves to avoid burning your fingers.

Hair curler
Hair curler

Hair curler

You can choose a hair curler without nozzles (cheaper, even high-quality models), or you can use one nozzle (for example, a flat iron); many nozzles and curling irons are more popular with the fashionista. And experts, with their help, can create anything on the head.

The curling iron without attachments is of the highest quality. There are no fasteners on the case, meaning there is no chance of it breaking. Due to frequent replacement, the lock fails, which means that the curling iron and any attachment will no longer be able to be used. For those who follow a particular style in their hairstyle, and do not often wind their curls, take care of their hair – with a curling iron without attachments. Still, a well-known European manufacturer (Braun, Ga.Ma) is the most suitable option.

Ga.Ma Ferro Titanium: A curling iron and one nozzle (for example, a circular processing part for curling and iron nozzles for straightening strands) is cheaper than several nozzles but more expensive than without nozzles.

 Here you have to choose:

  • Since the lock that secures the nozzle has a place to be, it is worth overpaying for quality only in one case – high-quality coating, thermostat, everything that will protect the hair;
  • If the hair is strong and can withstand any style, then there is no need to pay too much. There are good cheap curling irons (for example, Curl), which will not be sorry if a malfunction occurs.

This option is suitable for young girls. They follow the fashion and visit many diverse places; they may not make their hair lush. Still, on the contrary: shiny, flowing, smooth strands are very suitable for a young face.

The most expensive option is a curling iron with several attachments in high performance and respect for the hair. Professional stylists purchase such devices for their work. For home styling, a curling iron with several nozzles is only necessary for those who have not yet decided what style they want and do not care about the condition of their hair. Here they can sell you an attachment with a spiral (for winding long thin hair), a brush (for short, thin hair. Thick, and even more, long ones will get tangled in it), rod attachment of large and small diameters, straightening and corrugated and much more pleasing to the eye. To choose this option, you should think deeply: choose fair hair or choose a style.

Suggestions when buying a hair curler

Hair straightener (corrugated) GA.MA 250 HP -. Once you have chosen the model, you need to consider a few simple details. They will make the styling method comfortable. It includes a small stand on the body of the curling iron (so as not to ignite the object on which it is placed), a sufficiently long wire (if it is too small, then winding the hair on the back of the head will be difficult). Be sure to check: whether the device is securely assembled and how the attachments are attached (if any, of course).


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