Gain weight in the fall: How not to get better in the fall?

Gain weight in the fall; how maintain properly? Find out why people gain weight in the fall and follow 19 rules to help you keep your figure in the fall. Scientists today believe that weight gain in the cold season is natural. In numerous studies, they have found several explanations for this process. Today we will talk about how not to gain weight in the fall and consider the reasons for the increase in body weight in the cold season.

Why do people gain weight in the fall and winter?

  • Genetics. The cold season of all organisms living in temperate climates is severe stress. It is a difficult period to get food, which cannot be considered over. Throughout evolution, the human body has adapted to such conditions and strives at the first opportunity to create energy reserves. Such is his genetics, and he can do nothing about it. People don’t go hungry even in winter, because you can buy any food in the store. However, this opportunity has appeared relatively recently, and the body continues to work according to previous instincts.
  • Energy consumption. Many people are sure that the body uses more energy in the winter because it needs to warm the body. In such a situation, it is essential to increase the energy value of the diet. However, scientists do not entirely agree with this point of view. There is no doubt that additional energy is needed to heat the body. However, during the cold season, activity decreases, metabolic processes slow down, etc. Therefore, the calories of food should be at the same level; only energy is spent differently.
  • Quality and quantity of food. The misconception we discussed above suggests that you need to eat more food. In practice, this statement is false, and you do not need to switch to eating fatty foods.
  • Sunlight. In autumn and especially winter, the sun hours are short, and people go out less often. As a result, the concentration of vitamin D in the body decreases, which is one of the reasons for weight gain.
  • It is slowing down the pace of life. The colder it gets outside, the less active we are. Also, in cold weather, it is not possible to do sports. Agreed, not everyone will run in high winds and low temperatures. According to statistics, adults gain an average of 2-4 kilograms in the autumn-winter period. This ballast can go away by itself in the spring, but many people have to make an effort to do this. If gained more weight during the winter, it will be much more challenging to deal with them.
Gain weight in the fall
Gain weight in the fall

How not to gain weight in the fall – 19 rules

  • Drink green tea. Many people start their day with a cup of coffee. This fragrant drink warms and strengthens. However, green tea has similar properties. At the same time, this drink is not capable of causing addiction and does not harm the body. Don’t forget that green tea helps speed up fat loss. We recommend ending each morning with a cup of green tea.
  • Review your nutrition plan. Many women report that they continue to gain weight in the fall even with a low-calorie diet. However, they primarily pay attention to the quantity of food, not it’s quality. We have already said that there is a craving for fatty foods in the cold season. You must overcome it and give sources of protein compounds, vegetables, and fruits. Try to start calculating your daily energy consumption. It is not as difficult as you might think.
  • Don’t just think about losing weight. You don’t have to constantly think about how not to gain weight in the fall. Frequent use of various diet nutrition plans and excessive exercise will only harm the body. To lose weight at any time of the year, you only need to eat right and exercise enough. Moreover, training should give you pleasure. If you force yourself to play sports, this will be no benefit.
  • Fight against depression. If you are used to catching stress, you should not hope for a successful fight against excess weight. To fight depression, you should increase the concentration of the hormone endorphins. However, you should not consume a lot of chocolate or other sweets for this. Enjoy small things like walking, shopping, movies, etc. It would help if you remembered that certain hormonal substances, such as cortisol, contribute to fat accumulation.
  • Go to sports. We have already said that training should be a joy. You will not get positive results if you do sports only for weight loss. You can quickly see the results when you enjoy exercise and an active lifestyle.
  • Hold beach parties. Every girl wants to look as attractive as possible in a swimsuit. Often, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity begin to play sports in the spring to prepare for the beach. But why don’t you wear a swimsuit in the fall and winter? You can go to the swimming pool or the water park and have fun with your friends.
  • Keep warm with clothing. Combine business with pleasure and shop to dress fashionably and warmly if the clothes keep warm. Then the body does not have to spend a lot of energy to heat the body.
  • Eat fish. Make one day a week fish. It is an instrumental tradition because fatty fish and some seafood are excellent sources of vitamin D. We pointed out at the beginning of the article that most people lack this trace element in the cold season. In addition, delicious food will give you pleasure, which positively affects the balance of hormones.
  • Get ready for New Year’s Eve in early autumn. You can buy a dress for the New Year according to your figure. After that, you must watch your body so that you can dress up in new clothes for the festival. Agree that this is a great incentive to review and control your diet.
  • Get enough sleep. In the summer, you can easily stay up long after midnight, but in the fall, after ten at night, you can be sleepy. If this happens, don’t resist the inevitable. Remember that good sleep is one of the most critical factors in losing weight and maintaining a beautiful figure.
  • Eat potatoes. Many people who lose weight cross this root crop off the list of allowed products, and it’s entirely in vain. The fact is that the starch in potatoes can be good for you in the fall. This substance belongs to a group of complex molecular substances. The body processes it over a long period. Therefore, you will be able to maintain fullness during this period. Also, remember that potatoes should be eaten boiled or baked.
  • Do not forget expensive protein compounds. We have already said that energy consumption in the autumn-winter period increases slightly. You’ve probably noticed that your appetite increases dramatically when you come home from the cold. To avoid this, use animal protein compounds. You already understood that we are primarily talking about meat, which should not be fat. Protein compounds not only have a plastic effect but can also be used by the body as an energy source that is not converted into fat. In winter, a steamed chicken breast can be healthier than any vegetable salad.
  • Avoid hidden calories. Before buying a product in the grocery store, you should study the label carefully and pay attention to the energy value index. It is possible that the calorie content of yogurt, considered a diet, will be overestimated. Some unsanitary manufacturers reduce the fat content of their products and use various sweeteners instead of sugar, which can be harmful. Choose foods that say “low calorie.” The fat-free label does not always mean the lowest calorie content.
  • Take a reverse shower. It is probably one of the most straightforward spa treatments you can do to quickly wake up on a rainy fall morning while maintaining your skin’s elasticity. A significant temperature drop lowers the body into mild stress, forcing it to keep the optimal thawing temperature and spend energy on this.
  • Use aromatherapy. Thanks to essential oils, you can improve your mood, reduce your appetite and improve your body’s defense mechanisms. Scientists have long proven that the smell of citrus and coniferous trees helps to control appetite and speed up metabolic processes. Suppose you want to know how not to gain weight in autumn. In that case, we recommend aromatherapy with lavender, juniper, bergamot, mandarin, patchouli, grapefruit, geranium, lemon, and lemongrass oils.
  • Work with the ring. On winter and autumn evenings, you want to watch your favorite TV show wrapped up in a warm blanket. However, you can spin the call while watching TV and burn some energy. Also, such an exercise will improve the tone of the abdominal muscles.
  • Do not ignore breakfast. Many people know how not to gain weight in autumn, but the desire to eat often does not leave them. To control hunger, make the first meal a good meal. If you skip breakfast, the feeling of hunger during the day increases significantly. Many nutritionists agree that breakfast is the main meal of the day. At this moment, you start a metabolic process and give the body energy you will spend in the morning.
  • Eat honey. Honey is a beneficial product. If you are not allergic to it, do not refuse the gift of bees. However, we should not forget its high energy value. We recommend eating one teaspoon of honey in the morning and dissolving the product slowly. In terms of the number of nutrients, almost no effect can compare with honey.
  • Drink water. All nutritionists are constantly talking about this, but many ignore this advice. Water is not only a large part of our body, but it is also necessary for various processes. Various toxins are also dissolved in water and then disposed of. Drink at least one and a half liters of plain drinking water daily.


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