Fruit: What is the right way to eat fruit?

Fruit; what is the right way to eat? Valuable properties of fruits. How to use them correctly, and when is it better to eat them? Recommendations to combine them with other ingredients in cooking. Best rate per day. Attention! Regardless of the product type, with poor digestion, eating fruit 30 minutes before the main meal is appropriate. The fact is that the acids contained in them positively affect the production of gastric juice, improve the absorption of food and prevent the release of fats and break them down.

Fruit consumption rate per day

The norm is the consumption of 5 servings of fruit per day, an average of 500 g. But even if their amount in the diet does not exceed 200 g, this is quite enough to minimize the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and prevent cancer and premature aging.

If you indicate a percentage, then fruits should ideally be about 30% per day of the entire menu. The rest is usually occupied by vegetables, meat, dairy products, and legumes. At the same time, people with diseases of the digestive tract should minimize their number or eat them in a heat-treated form.

Attention! For weight loss, once a week, you can organize the release of fruits on weekends. If you are going to take your health seriously, then you can consider switching to fruit growing. This food system uses only bananas, coconuts, apples, and the like; it is raw food. In this case, neither spices nor herbs are usually used.

right way to eat fruit
right way to eat fruit


We tried to tell as well as possible about when you can eat fruit and how you should do it correctly. Now you know that many of them cannot be combined and consumed at any time of the day. This information will help you get the most out of it and improve your health.

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