Set Voice: How to Set Voice

The voice is a unique instrument, but the stage can reach three octaves. The sound of other devices is compared to that of an agent, but the main advantage of the voice is the ability to convey not the only tone of voice but also oral information, that is, words. Set voice training is a long and rigorous process that is impossible without the help of a professional teacher.

Generally, you will feel a decrease in your voice accompanied by hoarseness, and you may even think you are whispering when you speak if you are unaware of your condition. Still, in the worst case, you may lose your voice completely, leaving only a faint noise that is difficult to understand is hearing, understanding for others.

The voice reveals a lot about a person – and can use this to appear competent and confident. we describe in this article how to set voice

Instructions for Set Voice

Step 1

Before practicing singing, choose the production you want to sing in: pop-jazz, folk song or opera. Even better, explain the specialization in the selected direction to find the teacher strictly for the style you are looking for.

Step 2

Choose a teacher. You can start your search from the nearest music and art schools, music schools and faculties. View music forums and their user profiles. Choose a few candidates, ask about concerts and their studio, and talk to students.

Step 3

Learn breathing exercises. Without proper breathing, proper, beautiful singing will not work, and phrases will break out at the most inopportune moments due to lack of air. Popular gymnastics among singers is the Strelnikova system.

Set Voice
Set Voice

Step 4

Listen and follow the teacher’s instructions. Practice, sing songs. Take part in concerts and competitions, and register in the studio. Keep track of your progress and make a name for yourself at any event.


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