Cold Fire: How to Make a Cold Fire

I think you’ve seen characters release fireballs from their hands on the Internet or in movies. In most cases, it is computer graphics, but cold fire technology is also widely used in television. It is easy to create such a “miracle” at home.

Necessary to make Cold Fire

Ethyl alcohol, dry boric acid, drops of sulfuric or hydrochloric acid.

Cold fire is a chemical name for a kind of low-temperature flame. As you might guess, the main thing about this subject is that it can touch it upon in the literal sense of the word.


Step 1

Prepare the base on which will apply the mixture. It is pretty harmful to apply the solution directly to your hands. For this reason, it is worthwhile to make small sticks or balls that can be set on fire.

Step 2

Take a thick woolen thread and wrap a small ball. A 2-3 cm bubble is enough to monitor the cold burn for 2-4 minutes. Wrap the thread around a knitting needle or pencil to create a torch.

Step 3

Prepare the ingredients for the fire. It is advisable to operate quickly and safely, so try to have everything at hand, and you have free access to all components of the Logan. Make sure it is not premature mixing as you are working with very complex and dangerous substances.

Step 4

Take a small cup and pour a tablespoon of alcohol into it. Then add dry boric acid (also spoon) and add one drop of sulfuric or hydrochloric acid. Be careful in proportion. The desire to make it “brighter” can lead to poisoning and other negative consequences.

Step 5

Heat the mixture. The safest way is with steam. 2-3 minutes for a couple will be enough. Try it with your fingertips. If the skin is suffering, then everything is normal.

 Cold Fire
Cold Fire

Step 6

Be careful as soon as you get the ball and turn it on; boric acid burns. It will not burn and even warm your hands. But be prepared that as soon as the drill burns out, the alcohol will begin to burn, and its flame will be quite palpable.

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